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Contemplating adding an elevated deck, or installing an in-house stair-lift, swimming pool or residential elevator?

If so, you're probably willing to pay a little more [if necessary], and/or wait a bit longer to make sure your new investment is installed in a SAFE, reliable, and durable manner. With few exceptions, you will most likely have to conform to local building codes and inspections. However, many municipalities don't regulate a tram product as they do with decks, elevators, pools etc. Consequently, the installation of inexpensive, sub-standard tram units is tacitly condoned. For this reason it is your important responsibility to self-regulate the purchase and installation of a tram system to insure that it's as safe as any other value-added (yet potentially hazardous) addition to your property.

Unlike most of our leading competitors, all Hill Glider systems are designed, engineered and installed to be compliant with the highest standard of safety [American Society of Mechanical Engineers] codes, and meets or exceeds the safety standards set by the National Elevator Code. This insures that your self-regulation responsibility can be carried out with a minimum of effort.

Lakeside trams safe track clamping systemThe Lakeside Trams Hill Glider® emergency braking system

Most recently, National and many State regulations/codes have been updated to include the requirement for an elevator-like emergency safety brake, one that insures a smooth, soft stop in the case of a cable break or other malfunction which causes an over-speed condition. The Lakeside Trams Hill Glider®s emergency braking system is purposely designed to comply with those new regulations through the use of its proprietary, safe track clamping system (see photo). Many competitive tram companies continue to utilize the outdated and potentially dangerous drop arm emergency braking system. Be sure to include a review of this important safety feature when comparing tram systems for your property.

If the safety of your family and guests are your highest priority, the Lakeside Trams Hill Glider® is your clear choice.

All in all, The Hill Glider® "raises the bar" with its contemporary styling and standard safety and reliability upgrades such as a dual cable drive system, hot-dipped galvanized steel componentry, 3hp motor (5hp optional) and surge protection on all systems.

Lakeside Trams

    The 750 lb. Capacity Tram
    (Products by JS Incline Trams LLC)

  • 750 lb capacity
  • Spacious carriage - 46"W x 60"L x 42"H.
  • 2 convenient flip-up bench seats
  • 3 hp motor with soft starts and stops
  • Your choice of color: Hunter green, taupe, brown or black (custom colors also available)
  • Sliding door on the carriage
  • Rail is made of 3" x 2" galvanized rectangle tubing
  • Dual-cable traction drive system that travels 70 fpm
  • In-car wireless controls
  • Stainless steel cables and hardware

Lakeside Trams Safety Features

  • Hot dipped galvanized steel rail system to protect against rusting and corrosion.
  • Rail is made of rectangle tubing to guarantee debris will not get caught in the track which could obstruct with the carriage wheels.
  • Exclusive wireless technology that will not allow your system to operate if the carriage doors are open.
  • Equipped with spring dampeners that ensure you will come to a slow, smooth stop if an over speed is detected while the carriage is traveling.
  • Customized carriage wheels and housings are perfectly formed to the track and do not allow your carriage to move vertically or horizontally.
  • All control panels are U.L. (Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.) listed.
  • Elevator is fully engineered to meet or exceed all national A.S.M.E. (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) incline elevator safety codes.
  • All installations are completed by factory trained crews.
  • Multiple braking systems
  • Excellent warranty package